Q: I have a PLC and I would like to integrate the level in it. Can I pick up the signal with 4-20mA?

A: No, the signal in 4-20mA is not available, but with the Master Modbus gateway, signals can be integrated using the Modbus-IP communication protocol.


Q: I want real-time readings. What do I need?

A: We recommend the sensor to be powered by an external power supply as the life of the batteries would be greatly reduced. At the same time you will need a Master gateway, as with the SIGFOX communication network only up to 140 messages per day are allowed.


Q: I don’t want to use Digitplan software. Can I integrate the data into my program?

A: Yes, the data can be integrated into your software through an API.


Q: I have no Internet or power supply on the farm. Can I install Silometric?

A: Yes,Silometric uses a long-lasting battery so you don’t need to have electricity on the farm. Our sensors send the data through the SIGFOX network which has coverage throughout Europe. To check the coverage of your farm, click here


Q: Are there any associated service fees?

A: Yes, depending on the desired level of service, prices can range from € 0.5 / month and device to € 2.5 / month and device. In addition, if the device uses SIGFOX network, there is an annual communication fee.


Q: If I use the SIGFOX network do I have to pay a communications fee for each sensor?

A: Within the same installation we can create a network of up to 12 devices with readings every 2 hours and thus use a single Internet connection.


Q: Is there a limited number of sensors allowed when using the Master gateway?

A: No. With the Master gateway you can put as many Silometrics as you want within a radius of approximately 500 m.


Q: Can I disassemble the sensor and install it in another silo / tank? 

A: Yes, as long as there's coverage with SIGFOX Operator. If the device is part of a network of sensors, it will need to be reconfigured to work individually.


Q: I have heavy tonnage silos, will Silometric work?

A: In large diameter silos we recommend placing more than one Silometric, as this only reads at one point, and in large diameters few variations in height can mean a big difference in volume.


Q: Can I install Silometric on cement silos?

A: We do not recommend Silometric with dusty products as they require more frequent maintenance. However, if there are no filters or air circulation inside the silos, maintenance is much less.


Q: How accurate are the sensors?

A: The accuracy of the reading obtained is +/- 1mm. The accuracy in calculating the remaining volume will depend on the type of product stored and how the silo is emptied. With granular materials the accuracy is more than 95%.


Q: What about the cones that are formed when the silo is filled and emptied? are they taken into account?

A: Silometric must be installed in a such a way that cones that can be formed when the silo is filled or when it is emptying are balanced. Directing the laser from the upper-side to the center of the cone, and focusing the midpoint of the mountain or hole, the volume will be compensated.


Q: Can I change the sensor's reading frequency? Ex: seasonal products do not need readings for 3 months a year. 

A: The sensors can be set up at the desired reading frequency, but once it is defined any changes will require a reconfiguration in our lab.