SILOMETRIC, FLUIDMETRIC and SECURDETECT are wireless sensor devices that use the Internet to send measured data about the state of their silos, deposits or stores. 

Below, there are the two ways of communication we dispose of: 
OPTION 1: SIGFOX communications network
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SIGFOX is a communications operator that offers coverage worldwide. Silometric uses the SIGFOX net in those European equipments.
Although SIGFOX coverage is quite large, we recommend checking the availability of service in your area.
Check Sigfox coverage
OPTION 2: Own communications network
In case of not having SIGFOX coverage in your area, we offer the possibility of using the internet connection from your system, using the Master of MCSystems equipment.
This equipment collects the information transmitted by the Silometric, Fluidmetric and Securdetect sensors and sends it to the cloud. 

Depending on the national legislation, the radio frequency allowed for data transmission could be different. For this reason, we believe that telling us the location where the devices will be is needed to continue complying with the corresponding telecommunications regulations. 



The Master GW is a communication gateway that gathers the data collected by the different sensors or Silometric® devices and transmit it to Internet. Once the information is on the cloud, it can be managed from the Digitplan® platform.  



Wireless repeater and radio coverage amplifier. As a repeater it allows to extend the range of the communication net more than 300m, and resend the data to the Master equipment.

In case of not having radio coverage in your instaltion, but there's in the area, it works as a gateway to the radio net.