The BuHeat is a preventive system developed by MCSystems that allows drivers of industrials vehicles to have instant control of the status of their axle and axle casing by monitoring.

The system provides in real time temperature measurements and warns visually and acoustically when the temperature rises dangerously high.

What is BUHEAT for?

The BuHeat is your solution to prevent serious accidents or breakdowns generated by:

The accumulation of effort or wear on the wheel hubs. 

Overheating of shafts caused by bearing seizure or deformation.

The deterioration of the hub or the explosion of the tire due to the increase in temperature.



The System is going to warn, both visually and acoustically, when one of the following scenarios happens:

The temperature of one or more axle cases is 30 degrees higher or lower than the rest.
The temperature is higher than the predetermined limit.
The temperature is wrong due to sensor failure.

In addition, you have the possibility of configuring the high temperature warning level