Diesel Theft Alarm

Security for Diesel Tanks in Trucks: The Evolution of Safety Fuel

The world of diesel transportation security has evolved with the latest version of the SF model by Safety Fuel, designed and manufactured by MCSystems. In an environment where asset protection is becoming increasingly crucial, we have addressed the current and real challenges faced by companies and independent professionals in the logistics sector.

Past Challenges and Present Solutions

Our commitment to innovation stems from an understanding of previous issues with earlier models. The original SF relied on vibration sensors, leading to false alarms due to various external interferences such as adverse weather conditions or minor impacts on diesel tanks.

Technological Leap: From Sensors to Security Barriers

Our evolution towards SF V.2 marks a milestone in fuel security. We have incorporated a presence sensor as the first security barrier, detecting the proximity of intruders to the tanks. This innovation has allowed for the automatic adjustment of vibration sensors, making our solution highly reliable.

Expanding Protection: Digitizing Security

Not content with these essential improvements, we have taken protection a step further. Now, the Digitplan platform enables the control and monitoring of vehicles, providing:

  • Precise geolocation: Locate your assets in real-time.
  • Sensitivity adjustment: Control the accuracy of detection.
  • Instant alerts: Receive real-time alarm notifications.

What the Kit Offers

The SF V.2 includes:

  • Central unit with communication module.
  • Remote control for alarm activation.
  • Detection unit with motion and vibration sensor.
  • Alarm siren.
  • Power wiring and connection between the central unit and sensors.

A Continuous Commitment

In a context where the increase in thefts concerns many companies and independent professionals, at MCSystems, we are committed to offering cutting-edge solutions. Our new version of SF reflects this commitment by addressing real challenges with technological innovation.

Fuel security is more than a priority; it is our dedication to providing peace of mind and protection to our customers.

Safety Fuel

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