What are the advantages of monitoring our silo?
There are several challenges related to grain storage, and the issue of stock levels in silos is one of them.

Monitoring the stock level is so important because it allows us to meet the challenge of silo logistics management. Always having a sufficient stock of grain in the silos and adapting its level of production, without having to turn away the bins, since the filling rate is at its maximum: this is the problem that needs to be solved.

The advantages of monitoring your silos with connected equipment are numerous and benefit all stakeholders in the primary sector and the agri-food industry:

  • More accurate, real-time and remotely accessible stock measurement;
  • Increased security;
  • Optimized and automated ordering and delivery process;
  • Ease of assembly and use, with customized adjustment of filling thresholds that trigger an alert;
  • Low investment, a few hundred euros per silo with electronic box and detection sensor.

Digitplan, what is it and what is its purpose?

Digitplan is a powerful web platform developed by our brand MCSystems. This tool allows our customers to access the control panel, from where they will have access to all the information from the sensors.
This application will allow them to manage the data received from their SILOMETRIC devices from a user-oriented tool.

Our main purpose is to facilitate your experience with our web platform, being an easy to use, practical and constantly evolving tool. DIGITPLAN has a team of professionals dedicated to control and update this platform, incorporating new utilities and suggestions from the sector.

All devices are monitored from our control center in order to foresee possible incidents and perform preventive maintenance tasks, in addition to advising and training our customers so that they can take advantage of all the functionalities we offer.

Main features offered by Digitplan:

Data: Graphical overview of the user's devices.
Access through any electronic device with Internet access. Possibility of assigning different users to each installation for its supervision.
Reading frequency predetermined to one reading every two hours, customizable according to the customer's needs.
Historical control of readings and consumption.

Alarms: Generation of warnings when a critical level is reached. Sending of alerts by SMS or e-mail.
Geo-localization: Each device is geo-localized in order to have a geographic view of the level of each device and thus optimize the management of its repositioning.

If you want more information about our web platform, you can contact us via email: info@mcsystems.es or by calling 973 501 888 without obligation.
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